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Fox Royale Barrow

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Fox Royale Barrow

Fox Royale Barrow

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    Electric barrow conversions for standard barrows.


    Born from the need to transport tackle from car to swim with less effort, these barrow conversions are designed to transform your existing barrow into an effortless e-barrow.


    Supplied in kit form with everything required to transform your barrow, with no drilling or modifications to the original barrow. All parts are designed to clip, bolt, or strap into place.


    Modern 24V hub motor fitted inside the centre of the wheel removes the need for bulky, unbalanced attachments to the frame or forks.


    Using state-of-the-art, lightweight Lithium-Polymer batteries, you get the benefit of reliable power, without the added weight.


    Microprocessor controlled for variable speed & torque, with thumb throttle and waterproof LCD display.


    The kit will consist of: -

    Brand new motorised wheel and forks to fit your existing barrow.

    Control unit

    throttle & LCD with mounting bracket

    Battery pack

    Battery charger

    All cables, plugs and straps required for fitting.

    Accessory output for use with our range of accessories.


    Available with standard or 50mm longer forks.


    Available with a choice of battery options.

    Standard 6000mAh battery

    Long range 10000mAh battery

    Kit only - no battery included for those that already have 24V battery packs.


    Accessories also available for this kit: -

    LED lighting kit

    USB charging kit

    Pannier bag to fit your Energise kit.

    Battery bag to protect the controller and battery in the main barrow bag

    Display protector to help protect the throttle and lcd when not in use


    Designed to be self-fitted in approx 15 minutes, the kit comes complete with a detailed installation and user manual.


    Checkout our upgrade kit here for all the most popular accessories in one money-saving package.

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